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“All of my presentations are highly interactive and experiential. Participants will learn simple everyday techniques for living an Ageless Lifestyle.
The information and strategies are easy to understand, fun to learn and easy to incorporate into busy schedules.

Participants will leave armed with new inspiration and empowering strategies that will help them get and stay healthy and energized throughout their entire life. 

My teachings are for people who want to live a healthier, longer life and for those who want to be more successful in business and in every aspect of their lives.

This is precisely what the Ageless Living Lifestyle is all about and why I love to teach it.”

Rico Caveglia 2021
Top Presentations
1. University of California Berkeley Wellness Conference    2019
                   2. 43rd National Wellness Conference  St. Paul, MN.           2018                   
3. UCSD  Women’s Conference                                             2017
         4. Healthy Living Expos  Del Mar CA.                                    2014-2018
5. L.I.V.E. One Day Workshop  San Diego                            2019
6. KUSI TV Channel 9 San Diego - 4 Part Fitness Series.    2015
Rico's Videos
1. What If?
2. The Biggest Challenge We All Face as Humanity
3. All Day Energy The Natural Way
4. Living Longer On Your Own Terms
To Whom it Concerns Rico Caveglia gave his All Day Energy The Natural Way presentation to our group and it was fantastic. We learned allot about how we deplete our energy and what it takes to create lots of energy. Rico showed us his daily 4 minute energy routine and everyone really enjoyed it and felt the immediate benefit. Rico is a very passionate and energetic speaker with an abundance of practical knowledge. I highly recommend his presentations to anyone wanting to learn how to become healthier and more energetic.

Cliff Durfee

President Seaside Business Referral Club 858-270-0252

I strongly recommend Rico’s Energy Seminar to other companies in San Diego. Rico shared easy tips to create and sustain personal energy in order to lead a more productive and positive life. As part of our wellness initiative, we want our employees to lead a healthier lifestyle and to achieve balance and more energy. The strength of Rico’s techniques was apparent immediately and we received great feedback from our employees about his seminar. We look forward to more sessions with Rico!

Shannon Collins

Benefits Manager | Helix Electric | Phone: 858-623-1286 | E:mail: scollins@helixelectric.com

If you are interested in an effective, low cost way to energize your workplace and improve productivity you need Rico Caveglia! I recently had Rico Caveglia present his Energize Your Workplace Seminar to my 50 person workforce. Comments were uniformly positive, without exception my associates felt that the seminar presented a great opportunity to improve productivity with little financial or time commitment. In addition the exercises are fun not drudgery. I highly recommend that you call Rico today!

Doug Sawyer

President & CEO | United Way of San Diego County | 858-492-2000

The members of our club were impressed with Rico’s energy and vitality. He shared a lot of good information on how to make small changes in our lives to start seeing big results. His Be Bold Never Be Old talk was inspirational and timely, especially in this first month of the year when we all need to see a great example of what is possible when you follow his proven strategies!

Holly Malan

President | Rotary Club of San Marcos

Warren Cook Healthy Living Festival Producer 
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